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Huatai blow molding machine working principle system and process description

1. Blowing machine blanking system

The blank system is a system for ordering and moving PET bottles from disorder to order. The blank falls from the hopper into the guide rail under the action of the hoist. Due to the shape of the preform itself, the tail of the preform is turned toward Upper, the head is facing downward, and sliding forward under the action of its own gravity, and some of the preforms that fail to fall into the guide rail are returned to the hopper through the recovery conveyor belt under the action of the kicking device.

2. the heating system of the blow molding machine

The role of the heating system: heating the preform to obtain plasticity that facilitates press processing. The heating system is composed of a lamp tube, a reflector, an air blowing device, a cooling device and the like. The far-infrared tube in the oven radiates and heats the preform. Due to the presence of the reflector, both sides of the preform are simultaneously heated, and the preform moves forward while rotating, so that the heat is more uniform. The blower in the oven thermally cycles the system to make the oven temperature uniform. The function of the cooling device is to cool the mouth of the bottle to stabilize the size of the bottle mouth.

3. the system of the blow molding machine

The blow molding machine system mainly consists of a stretching device, a pre-blowing device, a blow molding device, and an exhaust device. The preform is mechanically stretched under the action of the stretching bar, and pre-blowing is performed while stretching, so that the bottle is initially shaped and then blown, and finally the bottle is taken out by venting. The main function of pre-blowing is to make the material distribution even and easy to blow. The shape of the pre-blowing bottle directly determines the difficulty of the blowing process and the performance of the bottle. The shape of the normal pre-blowing bottle is spindle-shaped.

4. Control system of blow molding machine

The sidel sbo14 control system is mainly composed of PLC, contactor relay system, industrial computer and application software. The industrial computer controls the PLC, and then the PLC controls the contactor relay system. Finally, the contactor relay system drives the corresponding actuator.

5. sidel sbo14 blow molding machine fastest speed of 21,000 bottles per hour.

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