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HT-135 - Blow Molding-Machine

Product Description

HT-135 Automatic Blow Molding Machine: This machine is a storage type hydraulic automatic blow molding machine. It is completely made of German technology and can be blown with hollow plastics with capacity of PE, PP, AS and other materials from 100 liters to 1000 liters. container. The machine is fully automated, high energy saving, low noise, fast speed, high efficiency, safe and reliable. It is widely used in chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, daily chemical, food, lighting, tools, automobiles, motorcycles, shoes, toys and other fields. , used to blow plastic buckets, chemical barrels, auto parts (water tanks, fuel tanks, air conditioning ducts, car tails), toys (wheels, hollow motorcycles, basketball hoops, children's castles), tool kits, dust collector pipes, sports Venues and public car seats. Security, commissioning, training, perfect quality assurance, full service, let you buy and use two assured.

Product Features:

1. Control system: The operation panel uses a 5.7-inch Chinese human-machine interface touch screen, and all operations, parameter setting, monitoring, product counting, wall thickness control and other visual operations. The device fault self-judgment shows that the operation is simple. Imported Japanese Mitsubishi PLC programmable controller has process parameter storage and transfer function, fast response, accurate positioning, and high stability of the system during operation.

2. Hydraulic system: all imported hydraulic valves, seals, electro-hydraulic proportional control. It has the characteristics of stable and reliable, accurate motion, long service life and fast response.

3. Extrusion system: It adopts hardened gear reduction gearbox and Japan imported Mitsubishi inverter, with screw frequency control, low noise, strong power, stable speed, long service life and energy saving; mixing screw, raw material adaptability Wide, better plasticizing quality, heating barrel and aluminum alloy heater, energy efficient.

4. Die system: It adopts the central injection material storage cylinder type die, and the horizontal bar is shot, which has high stability. The “first in, first out” storage type head has a reasonable and reliable structure.

5. Open and close mold system: pneumatic single-cylinder slide rail, fast and stable, four-plate, high-precision linear guide, hydraulic two-cylinder two-way open and close mold.

6. Type 肧 control system: optional Japanese MOOG and domestic 10 to 100 point wall thickness control system

7. Blowing system: optional blowing, side blowing, and upper blowing are optional.

8. Die cutter: Standard pneumatic cutter, fast standard.

9. Safety system: equipped with clamping protection device and light curtain sensing to ensure the safety of equipment and operators.

10. Electrical components: All international high-tech products are selected.

Technical Parameter

Model HT-135
Basic specifications Suitable raw materials PE...
Product capacity 1000L
Number of dies 1
Number of stations 1
Dimensions 7.5M*3.8M*6M
Machine weight 35 tons
Extrusion system Screw diameter 135mm
Screw length to diameter ratio 28:1 L/D
Plasticizing ability 400kg/h
Number of screw heating segments 6 segments
Screw heating power 42KW
Extrusion motor power 110/160KW
Die Storage tank volume 60L
Maximum diameter of the extrusion port 750mm
Die heating section 6 segments
Die heating power 50KW
Opening and closing system Template spacing 600-1600mm
Maximum mold size 1600*2000mm
Mold thickness 610-850mm
Clamping force 1800KN
power power supply 220~380V,3相50~60HZ
Host drive power 30Kw
Maximum total power 220Kw
Screw fan power 0.72Kw
Average energy consumption 80Kw
Air pressure 0.7Mpa
Gas source displacement 2.9m3/min
Water source Cooling Tower

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