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HT-70A blow-molding machine

Product Description

HT-70A Automatic Extrusion Blow Molding Machine: It is a one-step, one-shot, hydraulic, fully automatic extrusion blow molding machine with automatic cutting and flashing device. It can be blown with various thermoplastics such as PE, PP and AS. For any shape of raw material, the capacity is from 5 ml to 5 liters of plastic hollow container. The machine is fully automated, high energy saving, low noise, fast speed, high efficiency, safe and reliable. It is widely used in plastic packaging industry such as toys, food, beverage, medicine, chemical, pesticide, detergent, etc. Pesticide bottles, cosmetic bottles, large caliber bottles, hot filling bottles, etc. This machine has less investment, quick effect and convenient operation and maintenance. Security, commissioning, training, perfect quality assurance, full service, let you buy and use two assured, is the ideal choice for your purchase. The HT-70A machine has a single-die single station.

Technical Parameter

Model HT-70A
Suitable raw materials PE、PP、AS...
Theoretical yield Depending on the type of bottle 350 Pcs/h (5000ML)
Maximum capacity of the product 1 cavity 5L
Number of dies Number 1
Number of stations Number 2
Extrusion system Screw diameter 70mm
Screw diameter ratio 25:1/20:1 L/D
Screw speed 10-50 r/min
Plasticizing ability 80kg/h
Mold Number of cavities and number of dies 1 cavity 1sets
Product diameter 140mm
Mold thickness 80~170mm
Moving template stroke 170mm
Clamping force 100KN
power power supply 220-380V,3 segment 50-60hz
Heating energy 11KW
Drive motor 18.5KW
Average power consumption 19KW
Air pressure 0.8Mpa
Machine size Length * width * height 3000*2000*2850mm
Machine weight 3800kg
Auxiliary equipment Low pressure air compressor 1 (required) 1.6M3/1.0Mpa/15KW
grinder 60
Mixer 200kg

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