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HT-70PC Five Gallon Water Barrel Blow Molding Machine

Product Description

HT-70PC Automatic Extrusion Blow Molding Machine is hydraulic, automatic hollow plastic molding machine with accumulator die head and the die head adopts German technology. It is special for producing 5 gallon PC water barrel . The transparence of PC 5 gallon barrel is very good. This machine is widely used in such fields: chemical industry, petroleum, medicine, commodity, cosmetic, foods, lighting, tool, auto, motorcycle, shoemaking, toys and so on. It can produce plastic bucket, chemical drum, auto parts (water box, oil box, air-condition wind pipeline and empennage), tool boxes and bags, dust collector tube, chairs for bus and gymnasium, etc. Fully automatic process with low investment, high efficiency, quick and safe operation, easy for trouble shooting, maintenance and other benefit. For its good quality and our perfect service, it’s your best choice to use it.

Product Features:

1. Control Unit: Japan Mitsubishi PLC programmable controller and Taiwan WEINTEK touch panel. English parameter process setting, state monitoring and products counting are convenient and intuitionistic. PLC automatic temperature control model.

2. Hydraulic Unit: It adopts international famous Taiwan COMPASS brand hydraulic valve and seal, proportional control. And has features of high stationarity and reliability, accurate operation, long longevity, quick response and so on.

3. Extrusion Unit: Hard gear surface decelerator; famous HFinverter inverter adopts Italian technology; Screw speed regulation adopts variable-frequency speed regulation control system. It has the features of stable rotate speed, powerful power, energy-saving and so on. Mixing screw has wide applicability to raw materials and the plasticization quality is even better. Energy-saving machine barrel and A-alloy heaters are adopted for heating .

4. Die Head Unit: With single cylinder material-center-in accumulator head, is smooth and dependable. This die head adopts German technology and is made by special imported steel. The volume is 4L and the pc capacity is 2kg.

5. Clamping Unit: Single cylinder double sliding tramroad, fast and balanced; four mould boards, high precision linearity leaders, single hydraulic cylinder double bidirectional open-closing mould.

6. Parison Programmer: 30 points famous PROFITER brand Wall-thickness controller is is equipped.

7. Blow Fitting Unit: Down blowing fitting is equipped.

8. Electrical Components: All of the electrical components are made in Japan and Taiwan.

9. Lifter Unit: Four turbine reducer liter, lifting balance, quick, stable.

Technical Parameter

Model HT-70PC
Suitable Materials PC…
Real Output When PC 5gallon water barrel 720g 1500-1900 pcs/day
PC 5 gallon barrel weight Suitable use as standard 600-850g(adjusted by controller)
Product Volume 1cavity 5gallon
Extrusion Unit Screw Diameter 70mm
Screw L/D Ratio 22:1 L/D
Screw Speed 40 r/min
Plasticizing Capacity 90kg/h
Number of Heating Zone on Screw 4
Die Head Unit Amount of die head 1
Volume of Storage Jar 4 L
PC storage capacity 2Kg
Die-pin Diameter 80mm
Number of Heating Zone 4
Clamping Unit Work Station Amount 1
Mold Board Amount 4
Mold Board Size 700*700*66mm(L*W*T)
Clamping Force 180KN
Mould Unit Cavity amount 1 cavity
Max Mold Size 750*500*500mm(L*W*T)
Lifter Unit Turbine reducer lifter 4 pieces
Power Unit Electrical Source 220/380V,3phase 50/60Hz
Screw Motor Power 30kw
Clamping hydraulic motor 7.5kw
Servo hydraulic motor 4kw
Screw heating power 10kw
Die head heating power 5kw
Hopper dryer power 4.5kw
Fan power(4pcs) 0.12x4=0.48kw
Total Power 58kw
Fact consumption power 20kw/h(tested)
Waterhead Water pool
Air Supplier Pressure 0.8 Mpa
Air consumption 0.5 m3 /min
Size of main machine 3910X2060X3190mm
Weight of main machine 9000kg
Auxiliary Equipments Low Pressure Air Compressor  1 Set 0.8m3 /min;1.25MPa;7.5KW;0.32 m3
Air Tank  1 Set 0.42 m3 /0.8 Mpa
Oil/water automatic mold temperature controller 1 Set Heating power 4.5kw;motor power 0.5kw
These 3 auxiliary equipments is enough, no need other equipments.

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